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4 ideas to help you create a renewed sense of calm at work

The ability to work quietly and calmly is a state of mind, above all else. But it’s also a question of approach. If you are easily swept away and exhausted by the whirlwind of work, take the time to employ a few simple tips that will help you save time.

Based on

« It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work »
by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier-Hansson, co-founders of Basecamp (Maxima 2019)

and « La 25ème Heure : les secrets de productivité de 300 startuppers qui cartonnent » by Guillaume Declair and Bao Dinh, (Jérôme Dumont 2018)

1/ Keep a productive to-do list

Do you often waste 10 minutes deciding what you should be doing even though you are snowed under with work? Or do you endlessly put off a vital task because it’s so complex that it has left you feeling paralyzed? If so, you should zero in on the potential benefits of a good to-do list to help boost your efficiency — and peace of mind.

  • Plan for tomorrow today: compile your to-do list in the evening at the end of your working day. Take the time to decide in what order you are going to do things and, if possible, allocate a time slot for each activity.
  • Track your progress: if you make your list electronically, you should use a check system rather than deleting tasks once they’ve been completed. Why? Because it’s always encouraging to see what you have already done.
  • Adopt the “small steps” approach: break your major projects down into micro-tasks so the mountain of work waiting for you won’t leave you reeling — there’s no better cure for procrastination.
  • Be kind to yourself: insert a rewarding task into your to-do list between two activities that you don’t like so much — it’s a great way to bolster your ego and keep your spirits up.
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