Business services

You want to animate and inspire your top talents?

Because you need inspiring and inspired managers to guarantee their long-term performance.

But 3 hurdles stand in your way…

Hurdle #1

"I don’t have the keys for researching and choosing well"

Hurdle #2

"I don’t have time!"

Hurdle #3

"And so what?"

… We help you achieve this

We offer to draw your attention to leadership trends and innovations. We provide this service by watching trends and carefully selecting topics, publications and short, concise flashpaths. We also facilitate discussions of the themes you deem important.

All this is designed according to your needs, to address the issues and wishes of your top talents.

Solution #1

Since 1992 we have been monitoring and carefully selecting topics, expertise and authors for the attention of top talents. No need for you to search or curate, we take care of it for you.

Solution #2

We work with a selective, analytical mind. We have more than 800 resources dating from no later than the past 5 years that you may read, listen to or watch in less than 8 minutes, and 20 micro-flashpaths lasting between 15 and 30 minutes.

Solution #3

We moderate workshops to translate inspiration from our content into action plans: masterclasses, bookclubs, co-development, brainstorming, conferences and debates, etc.

With your own selection of short, inspiring content

Summaries of recent books, videos, podcasts, practical sheets, and picks from our observatory… Cherrypick from our more than 800 concise content items, focused on the issues and expectations of your top talents.


Resources to influence your managers


tailored to your issues and priorities

With your own choice of 15- or 30-minute flashpaths

Our flashpaths are short, inspirational digital paths. Let yourself be tempted by a 15- or 30-minute ride on a subject, or even 2 hours, if you prefer to explore the side roads also open to you. 

With discussions to translate inspiration into action plans

Discussions are necessary to engage, transform and mobilize teams. In the form of co-development, brainstorming, design thinking, team coaching, masterclass or bookclub workshops (1h30), they help put into practice a subject that inspires your top managers.

Workshops to debate

between peers

Action plan

for all