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Johan Jansson: how I stopped chasing time

It is 2014, and Johan Jansson is on the verge of burning out when he sud- denly sees the light: he is always in a rush not because he is overworked but because he is inefficient. Jansson realized that he had a problem channeling his attention and energy to tasks with high added value.

“I spent 15 years chasing time,” begins Jansson. “I was always running late, getting home from the office at 9 in the evening and working on weekends. It took me that long to understand that it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time, but that I didn’t know how to optimize it!” Jansson remembers that, when he worked as a strategy consultant in Stockholm, he only ever did things in a hurry. “Like most of my colleagues, I was convinced that I always needed more overtime to wrap up my work, but that was totally wrong!” Jansson came dangerously close to burning out before he grasped that it was not time that was in short supply: it was his ability to focus his attention and energy on what really matters.


Extract of Business Digest N°281, November 2017

Interview with Johan Jansson, Senior business consultant, Spotify, October 2017.


[highlight_box title=”Biographie” text=”Johan Jansson, has a degree in management from Stockholm University and an economics degree from the London School of Economics. After 15 years working in strategy consulting at BCG, and Bain, Jansson founded his own consulting firm in 2015, before selling his shares in early 2017.” button=”LABEL_BOUTON” button_url=”URL_BOUTON” img=”https://business-digest.eu:443/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/24740713_1786891624654421_984904469_n.jpg”]


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