Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy enables you to find out more about the origin and usage of the browser information processed when you consult our website, and about your rights. 

When you visit our website, data may be recorded about how your terminal (computer, tablet, and smartphone etc.) navigates through the site. This is done via “Cookie” files placed on your terminal, depending on cookie options selected by you and that you are free to change at any time. 

The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to inform the user as to the workings of cookies placed on any equipment (computer, tablet, or smartphone) while browsing, subject to options selected. 

The policy enables the user to better understand the cookies likely to be placed and how to make choices about them. 

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small computer file, a tracker file, placed and read for example when you browse an Internet website, when you read an email, and when you install or use software or a mobile app, regardless of whether you are using, for example, a computer, smartphone, e-reader, or Internet-linked video game console. 
Source: CNIL (French privacy commission) 

Why do we use cookies?

The website uses these cookies so it can function at optimum levels and improve user experience. 

Depending on your choices, cookies enable us to collect information and store it for as long as it is valid with a view to future connections. By using them, the website may: 

What cookies are used?

This website uses two kinds of cookies. These are: 

Technical cookies: these are necessary for the correct functioning of the website and improve user experience by activating basic functions such as page browsing and by providing access to secure areas of the website. Without these cookies the website will not work properly. 

Statistical analysis cookies (or traffic measuring cookies). These help us understand how users interact with the website, learn how the website is used and how it performs, and establish levels of traffic and the use of various parts of the website (content visited, user paths etc.) in order to improve the usefulness and ergonomics of our services. 

Some of these cookies are placed by Google Analytics. 

Managing cookies

There are various ways you can manage the placing of statistical analysis cookies. 

The default setting for your Internet browser is that you accept cookies, but you can change that whenever you like. 

There are several options for managing cookies. Any changes you make to your settings are likely to alter your Internet browsing experience and your ability to access certain services that require the use of cookies. You can indicate your wish to change cookie settings at any moment using the methods described below. 

You can configure your browsing software so that cookies are stored on your terminal, or that they are refused, either systematically or depending on who is trying to place them. You can also configure your browsing software so that you are offered the choice as to whether or not to accept cookies before they risk being stored on your terminal. 

How to exercise your right to choose depends on your browser

The method for managing cookies is different for each browser. The method is explained in your browser’s help menu. Here you will find out how you can set your cookie preferences. 

For Internet Explorer™ : 

For Safari™ : 

For Chrome™ : 

For Firefox™: 

Further information about cookies

You can find more information about cookies on the CNIL website :