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Making decisions (when you don’t hold all the cards)

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Bring your team closer

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Presence and distance: Energize everyone, every day 

Does your team feel frustrated by the unprecedented restrictions that are threatening your business? Disorientated by the lack of visibility? Demotivated by the distance that constrains social relationships, which are so important for group dynamics? Here’s how to strengthen your team’s bonds in order to move forward together in troubled times. 8 minutes
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Mixology: The right doses of remote and office work

The Covid crisis has shaken up the unity of place and time in your professional life: You work partly from home and your hours have probably changed. No one imagines a full-time return to the office. Instead, companies are trying to find the best balance between remote and in-person work, depending on the tasks to be carried out. 2 minutes
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Create moments that unite your team

Four elements enable you to create the defining moments that unite your team: elevation, insight, pride, and connection. Use these elements to create moments that inspire your team to stick together and be their best. 5 minutes