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Preventing burnout: it’s your business

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Preventing burnout: it’s your business

Mental health – particularly burnout – has traditionally been seen as an issue for HR and occupational medicine. Yet the number of cases has grown exponentially in recent years, and it would be simplistic to think that personal problems are the sole cause. Today you have a critical role to play in averting burnout. 8 minutes
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5 tips for protecting your staff from burnout

You have a key role to play in preventing burnout, which has much more to do with how people interact in the team, the work environment and the corporate culture than with individual difficulties. 5 minutes
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Does a meeting-free day mean a fully focused day?

We spend 85% of our time in meetings, and it’s a pain in every way. But collaborative work means we don’t need this constraint any more. Companies are gradually trying to free themselves from meetings, even banning them at least one day a week And everybody is better off that way! 2 minutes


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