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Why is change so difficult?

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Why is change so difficult?

Change is difficult: Notwithstanding your willpower and best efforts, your neurons keep on toppling you into the same old rut. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Find out how to “reprogram” your brain so you can really turn the page – and never look back.
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Instead of saying “Calm down!,” say “Breathe!”

Victor Coutin lived through a succession of stressful events: two hostile divorces, a serious setback in his professional life and losing someone he loved in a car accident. He felt overwhelmed and began to suffer panic attacks. When he was told to “calm down,” it was no help at all.
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Adapt your style to suit every type of profile

Make teamwork easier by building bridges with your contacts, something that’s particularly important when managing hybrid teams face-to-face or remotely. A few adjustments to the way you communicate are all that’s needed to eliminate bottlenecks and make your conversations run more smoothly!