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Cooperating in spite of (or thanks to) conflict

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The 4 key pillars of a bulletproof team

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The 4 keys pillars of a bulletproof team

What distinguishes truly resilient teams from the rest is their ability to mobilize and bounce back quickly when things don’t go smoothly. Better still, setbacks only make these teams stronger. How do you nurture these unbreakable teams so that they come into their own? 8 minutes
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Sweet dreams!

A (perfectly serious) study carried out by the University of North Carolina showed that dreams (the nighttime kind) help gain perspective on our daily lives, and may thus strengthen our resilience. A first step if you want to make your team bulletproof! 2 minutes
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Bolstering resilience in a remote team

Teams have become increasingly dispersed since 2020, with some even operating 100% remotely. Cultivating the 4 key pillars of resilience in a remote team means introducing measures that are very specific to the hybrid modus operandi. 5 minutes