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Net Positive: taking sustainability a step farther

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Net Positive: taking sustainability a step farther

Net Positive by Paul Polman has asserted itself as a must-read. Pulling no punches, Polman warns that the whole system will collapse if companies don’t tackle challenges such as climate change and inequality head on. Facing these challenges was his mission during his 10 years at the helm of Unilever. 9 minutes
Little Find

Yes, you can make sustainable business affordable

Along with sustainable products and services often come additional costs, above those of a standard product. Yet neither you nor the consumer want to pay a “green premium.” The solution is to rethink the price mechanism entirely by asking three basic questions. 2 minutes
Action Tip

Evaluate the social impact of your innovations

Measuring the social performance of an innovation has become a growing preoccupation among the major early-adopters players in the social and solidarity economy. But while everyone agrees that understanding social performance is crucial, how to do so remains an open question… 9 minutes