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Don’t let busy be your status

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How to play a never-ending game…

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How to play a never-ending game…

The cards are constantly being shuffled and the rules constantly reinvented. Author Simon Sinek finds that companies that last are not the ones that play to win — they are the ones that play to continue playing. And their leaders adopt an infinite mindset to build stronger, more innovative, and more inspiring organizations — to lead us into the future. 8 minutes
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5 very useful books about societal transition

The climate, biodiversity and (young) people are reshuffling the cards as part of the urgent need for a societal transition. Here we remind you of some powerful ideas with a range of opinions and suggestions for the future from an English professor of finance; a French researcher in economics who teaches in Sweden; a French consultant on multipolar curiosity; the former boss of an international behemoth; and, last but not least, two American tech researchers… 2 minutes
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5 useful books for keeping your feet on the ground

Playing an endless game, embracing an “infinite mindset” so everybody can stay in the game, responding to the pressures, paradoxes and opportunities offered by the uncertainty of this 21st century — all this means you have to keep both feet firmly on the ground. It never hurts to remember how to save time and energy, for yourself and every member of your team. 2 minutes