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Little Find

When was your last brilliant idea?

It’s a painful realization, but it’s been a long time since you had a brilliant idea. And the people around you are going to end up noticing sooner or later! Of course, you’re busy with day-to-day operations, but you’re also expected to contribute new ideas.

Your added value lies partly in your ability to suggest innovative projects and provide an overall perspective. If you’re finding that difficult, make use of these four recommendations:  

  • Refresh your network, favoring people who inspire you – or even question you – rather than people who only reinforce your convictions. 
  • Check out what’s going on elsewhere. Step outside your usual area of activity and visit a factory, a store, an artistic studio or a laboratory – in short, somewhere that’s different from the type of place you usually haunt. Try to imagine links with your own industry: What processes or equipment could you adopt? 
  • Step outside your comfort zone. Although you often hear this kind of advice, you don’t always put it into practice: Make the effort to forgo your usual experiences and try something new.  
  • Seek out criticism. This process is less painful if you make it a habit and if you’re careful to ask, “How can I improve this idea?” Then the criticism will be more constructive. 
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4 ways to break free from a rut of small thinking

by Sonia Thompson (Inc., 25 September 2017). 

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