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Little Find

Unlocking creativity

I just finished reading “Unlocking Creativity” by Professor Michael Roberto. Instead of organizing the book around what to do, Mike has chapters on the mindsets that inhibit creativity. As a result, each confronts the reader with an unavoidable, “Do I do that?” question.

Mike summarizes in story-telling style the research available on the issue, before offering advice on what to do. The advice is actionable in sense that it doesn’t tell you to “change the culture.” Instead it suggests what you can do in organizational settings large and small.

I like Unlocking Creativity for all the reasons above. For some he provided amazingly good background and context, and some were completely surprising. Each chapter has a short story and then an extended description of (mostly psychological) research in the area. The research description is NOT technical. Each chapter ends with very specific recommendations. That said, there are a handful of examples/recommendations with limited applicability (e.g., it took over 20 years of effort to make the Trader Joe’s supermarket chain a success. That was possible only because one man owned the company.) and I wish he had developed those themes differently. Nevertheless, here is a very sincere recommendation for 2019. Enjoy your reading!

Unlocking Creativity : How to Solve Any Problem and Make the Best Decisions by Shifting Creative Mindsets, de Mickael Roberto, Wiley Janvier 2019

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Amit S Mukherjee
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