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Do you feel guilty that you’re not more actively involved in your community, sports club or association? This lack of commitment isn’t just about you; external factors also play a part in ruining all your efforts to get involved.

Do you grumble about other people (or yourself) being so apathetic when there is so much that needs to be done, especially where you live? The problem’s actually rooted partly in your environment:

  • Compare an ad for a Nike pair of shoes and the notice for constructing a freeway close to your favorite forest. The first is designed to make you want to buy Nike’s shoes and play some sport; the second, on the other hand, doesn’t want you to get actively involved and sticks to the bare facts! In other words, the minimalist nature of local communications doesn’t act as an incentive to take action.
  • Picture the heroes we see in adventure or science fiction movies: they’re leading a humdrum existence until someone comes looking for them because they have a prophecy or destiny to fulfill. Which image of leadership sticks in your mind? After all, it’s quite possible for you too to wait for someone to come and look for you to reveal your destiny!

It’s not about making excuses, but about being aware that your environment encourages you to remain passive. Make an effort to identify these obstacles so you can get involved. The example you set will be infectious!

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The Antidote to apathy

by Dave Meslin, (TEDx Toronto, 2010).Time, January 19 2023).

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