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What impact will AI have on your job?

Are you afraid that you will be replaced by artificial intelligence, whose capabilities are developing at an exponential rate? This fear is unfounded: AI is, in fact, creating new jobs and roles. However, there is evidence that it is deepening inequalities. Here’s how to prepare for the new, artificially intelligent future.

Based on

A world without work 
Daniel Susskind (Penguin Books, 2020). 

1. Forget these three misconceptions about AI

Do you think AI is an extra-special human brain and worry that it will quickly replace you? That’s not the case, but this idea of AI often leads to three misconceptions that make it difficult to see its true impact. 

  • New technologies are destroying jobs. Innovation is often associated with the destruction of jobs, which is true only for companies that refuse to take the digital leap. In the medium term, technological innovations create new needs and, therefore, new jobs. Get ready to develop your skillset.  
  • Entire professions are going to disappear. Less than 5 percent of current professions will disappear. On the other hand, over half of professions will see a third of their tasks automated. Contrary to predictions, radiologists will not be replaced by visual-analysis tools, but their diagnoses will take much less time and be more reliable. Like radiologists, you’ll be able to devote more time to tasks with high added value. 
  • Only routine tasks will be automated. Thanks to machine learning, AI has the ability to learn complex tasks that seemed inaccessible until recently. It knows how to create its own rules based on experience and no longer needs to follow rules written by humans, which opens up new possibilities. Now it’s up to you to make AI your friend. 
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