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Recycle, repair, and re-invent

The current crisis is prompting the automotive industry to rethink its economic model. That’s exactly what the Renault group is attempting to do by radically transforming its Flins factory in France, which produces the Zoé. The year 2024 will herald a change of approach: the plant will be renamed the Re-Factory and will introduce the circular economy into the mobility sector.

This transformation is in response to the economic imperative to restructure the Renault group, but it also reflects the company’s desire to roll out an economic model that will focus on repairing and recycling new vehicles rather than manufacturing them. 

The plant will be designed around 4 areas of expertise: 

  • Retrofit: reconditioning aging vehicles and converting them to less carbon-intensive energies 
  • Re-energy: repairing and reusing electric batteries, and looking for alternatives to electricity such as hydrogen 
  • Re-cycle: optimizing the life cycle of parts and materials by reusing them internally 
  • Re-start: hosting an incubator and campus dedicated to innovation and research into sustainable mobility 

Although still in the pipeline, this model shows that innovation can be used in aid of recycling rather than the race for novelty. Can you draw inspiration from any of these areas for your own activity?  

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Renault’s YouTube channel, November 2020

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