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Planet of the wise

A comprehensive education and wide-ranging qualifications, skills and experiences are no longer enough to hold your own in a world where artificial intelligence has found its place. How will we outdo robots in the very near future ? What kind of employee will you be when the time comes? And what will your added value be ?

Olivier Zara’s Le Sage & le Singe underlines the importance of intra- and interpersonal intelligence. While rational and verbal intelligence are needed to find work, it’s mainly relational intelligence that will help you keep a job, have fun and lead a fulfilling life. Zara argues – and I agree – that interpersonal skills can’t become obsolete. The abilities to think, question ourselves, be conscious of our uncertainties, give our opinion, feel, learn and adapt to our environment all distinguish us from robots…at least for the time being. This stimulating book will help you unlock what it means to be wise, and its quizzes and exercises will encourage you to challenge yourself and to become aware of the power of behavioral intelligence when faced with the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace.

If being smart means asking yourself questions, Zara gives you the chance to join the “planet of the wise” with your colleagues and friends!


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Le Sage & le Singe, choisir la bonne planète pour réussir sa vie by Olivier Zara, with Naomi Zara and Théo Zara







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