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Me, Myself, and AI

Let’s forget Covid, Trump, and budgets for a moment and instead remember that a great many innovations are being developed and trialed, and are succeeding or failing. Including AI in your industry.

This raises a question: why do only 10% of companies benefit significantly from AI?  

MIT Sloan Management Review, in partnership with BCG and Boston College, has launched a series of podcasts with business managers who are part of that 10%. 

The podcasts come out every Thursday. Already online are Prakhar Mehrotra from Walmart, Slawek Kierner from Humana, DHL’s Gina Chung, and Porsche’s Mattias Ulbrich.  

Let’s focus on Mattias Ulbrich, who highlights how AI is accelerating innovation at Porsche – by enhancing product design and the driving experience, improving production and sustainability efforts, and better managing the global supply chain.  

At the heart of all this is man/machine collaboration. This is a major shift from standard IT projects towards more holistic projects. A series not to be missed! 

Pour aller plus loin

“Me, Myself and AI – a Podcast on Artificial Intelligence in Business”

(MIT Sloan Management Review, October-November 2020).

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