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Do you have the right KPIs?

AI is revolutionizing the way we process and analyze data. It is an opportunity to rethink how suitable your performance indicators are – and not just in the field of operations, but also in management, which is often overlooked!

Human resource management has long relied on common sense and intuition. But you can go further with the help of big data and AI, just like IBM. Faced with the difficulty of retaining talent, the company uses AI that analyzes millions of data sets and helps spot the warning signs of someone who is thinking of leaving. This means that the employee’s manager still has time to look for opportunities for in-house development not just with him or her, but also with the machine. 
Companies that leverage predictive AI to the full have started work on overhauling their indicators. But make no mistake: this work is not just technical – it also requires in-depth work on the corporate culture so you can: 

  • Develop an analytical mindset in functions that do not value this approach very highly. 
  • Start from the data so you can pinpoint the most relevant KPIs even though organizations often adopt the opposite process and start from KPIs. 

Don’t wait to begin this major KPI overhaul project and get all the functions involved! 

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AI can change how you measure – and how you manage

by David Kiron (MITSloan Management Review, March 8, 2022).  

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