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Achieving human excellence in the age of smart machines

How can human talent stay relevant in the face of evolving machine learning technologies? As more and more knowledge work becomes automated over the coming years, how will it shift our thinking around human intelligence and skills?

1. “Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs”, par Claire Cain Miller (The New York Times, 28 mars 2017).
2. “Artificial intelligence to replace human staff at Japanese insurance company” (Australian Broadcasting Company, 6 janvier 2017).


To read the article in full: Humility-Book

“Achieving human excellence
in the age of smart machines”

Based on Humility Is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age, by Edward Hess and Katherine Ludwig (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2017).


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Mehdi Ramdani
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