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A remote-work option is good, but may not be enough to retain your employees

According to a Slack study, 21 percent of employees would like to quit their jobs in the coming year. The same study also reveals that retaining talent requires flexibility – but not only in working hours and location.

The main factor for job satisfaction, after salary, is flexible working hours followed by a flexible workplace. 

Rule No. 1: Flexibility – in terms of working hours and the workplace – is a fundamental principle. 

But make no mistake: Your employees expect much more than the possibility of alternating between working in the office and telecommuting. Above all, they expect a change in working methods, through a revamped digital infrastructure and regulated but adaptable working hours. Employees who benefit from such adaptations are already proving to be more efficient and much less stressed. 

Rule No. 2: The digital space is becoming essential for working, exchanging and creating links. 

Offering remote work and flexible hours will also allow you to retain women and minority employees, two groups who place great value on flexibility and the inclusion that they facilitate. 

Rule No. 3: Being aware of diversity, equity and inclusion is an essential skill for recruiting and retaining the best talent. 

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(Slack, June 15, 2021). 

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