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Reading list

7 books to imagine this autumn

On our reading list for this fall, we have put 7 books for you to read when and where you want. They all focus on the same question, namely which future do we want to shape for mankind? Conscious leadership and innovation, forward planning and innovation, society and innovation…And midway between Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury we can’t help reminding you about Ivan Gavriloff and his infamous #2065…Enjoy!


by Deborah Westphal and Beth Comstock
The Unnamed Press, 2021

As technological change accelerates and intangible assets – information, human energy, innovation – become ever-more-critical resources, how can we balance the energy devoted to people, technology and business? By creating human-centric enterprises, optimized not around structures or processes but around people both inside and outside the organization – and this book is rife with examples of successful human-centric organizations (as well as counter-examples).


by Mauro F. Guillen
ST. Martin’s press, 2020

By 2030, the world will have changed beyond recognition. Mauro F. Guillen’s essay covers wide ground, bringing babies and grandparents, hipsters, toilets and cell phones, currencies and blockchain into the picture to describe precisely what kind of world the current trends are shaping. And how to survive the challenges in store. An exciting read, both lively and insightful.

Les Chimpanzés et le télétravail

by Pascal Picq
Eyrolles, 2021

They were there all along – but hiding out of sight – those latest developments that are now hitting the ground running and that have been accelerated by the current crisis: massive digitization, new working methods, diversity and inclusion, the boom in freelance work. Picq provides an anthropologist’s understanding of today’s upheavals that will see the most agile, most open, most plural and most mobile among us rise to the surface.

Net Positive

by Andrew Winston et Paul Polman  
Havard Business Review Press, 2021

Warning: what with the pandemic, expanding natural disasters and worse, society’s expectations of business have changed more in the past two years than in the previous 20. Forget about traditional CSR, it’s time for leaders rethink business to address human and planetary issues. The task is daunting, but the authors (finalists for the Top 50 Thinkers 2022) have solid arguments in favor of “stakeholder capitalism”.

The Imagination Machine

by Martin Reeves et Jack Fuller
Havard Business Review Press, 2021

Innovation is essential for companies to reinvent themselves in the face of disruption. But let’s head upstream, for we first need to understand and shape the murky mental territory that leads to good ideas: the realm of imagination. The authors – also finalists the Top 50 Thinkers 2022 – draw on psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and computer science to explain how to harness this unique faculty of the human brain.

The Future is Faster than You Think

by Peter H. Diamandis et Steven Kotler
Simon & Schuster, 2020

This book was written just before a certain virus turned the course of humankind on its head. The two futurists analyze how wave after wave of new technologies – all accelerating exponentially – will have an impact not just on our day-to-day lives but also on society as a whole. In short, the authors explain how the tech convergence will take humanity into unchartered territory.


by Ivan Gavriloff
GAIA, 2018

We remind you of this excellent thriller from 2018 (yes, the world before …) which portrays the consequences of the first murder perpetrated by an artificial intelligence … in 2065. With his punchy and humorous style, Gavriloff reflects on a future so close that it can’t easily be dismissed as an engaging but unlikely dystopian science fiction novel. A must read at a time when we want to reinvent everything …

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