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To-do lists for your free time – yes or no?

Did you think your free time wasn’t supposed to include any action plan at all? That’s a shame; you’re missing out on ways to really recharge your batteries! Paradoxically, setting personal goals helps you recover properly and prevents burn-out.

When you’re beginning to feel exhausted, forget passive rest which isn’t very effective. You are better off setting personal goals for your weekends and days off: go and see friends, organize your closet, or plan to see an exhibition. What benefits can you hope to reap? 

  • You will spend less time on passive leisure such as watching TV or having a nap. 
  • You will feel (8 to 12%) happier than those who planned nothing. That’s not to be sniffed at. 
  • And you’ll take this positive mood back to work with you. 

Take care to stay flexible though, and not pile on additional obligations! Keep some space for spontaneous activities, and give yourself permission not to achieve all your goals! 

The pandemic has significantly impacted all our leisure and holiday time, so let’s take back as much control as we can. Prioritize the goals that bring you into contact with others; they will boost your feelings of happiness! 

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“Be intentional about how you spend your time off”

Laura M. Giurge and Vanessa Bohns (Harvard Business Review, 1 December 2021). 

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