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Rodolphe Durand A campaigning capitalist

As well as being an up-front intrapreneur, Rodolphe Durand’s other jobs have included founding and directing the Society and Organizations (S&O) Center at HEC Paris. The main issues facing the S&O and HEC, according to Rodolphe, shouldn’t be that “little extra” that higher education institutions and companies think about. Instead, they deserve to be in the middle of the mix.

Rodolphe, who is the Joly family chaired professor in purposeful leadership at HEC Paris, is keen to shake up the status quo in the three areas that underpin the S&O Center, and he wants to do it inside HEC Paris and outside:


1) the inclusive economy – or how to think and act regarding the integration of populations excluded from traditional circuits;

2) the impact of the ecological transition on traditional business models; and

3) a more internal issue, and more personal to leaders – the meaning of work and the new modes of a more conscious leadership style.


But we should also note that Rodolphe’s research, which has received awards from (among others) the Strategic Management Society (2014), focuses on the sources of competitive advantage and the cognitive and normative determinants of organizational performance. Why, in short, do some organizations get the better of their rivals? It follows that Rodolphe is a heavily engaged activist – but one with a capitalist vision, who favors research, teaching and implementing new organizational modes.

Rodolphe’s latest books, L’Organisation Pirate (co-written with JP Vergne, Bord de L’Eau, 2010) and La Désorganisation du Monde (Bord de L’Eau, 2013), give an overview of the end of ideologies, the legitimacy of management and the evolution of capitalism. When can we expect the third and final installment of his trilogy?

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