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Innovate over the long term, acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon, a leadership lesson by Elon Musk, cybersecurity…. here are 5 must-read articles published this June!

Here are five articles that stood out this month for their originality, relevance, and/or analysis. Happy reading!


« The Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Mean Every Other Retailer’s Three-Year Plan is Obsolete »
(Harvard Business Review)

With its recent acquisition of Whole Foods (the premium grade American grocery store chain), Amazon is in the process of disrupting the food retail industry, a sector that up until now was considered relatively safe from attack by the e-commerce giant.

« This Email From Elon Musk to Tesla Employees is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence »

In May 2017, the California nonprofit Worksafe reported that the injury rate at Tesla’s plant was over 30% higher than the industry average in 2014 and 2015. In response, its famed CEO Elon Musk sent a pitch-perfect company-wide email in which he explains how strongly he feels the importance of the safety and security of his employees and the actions he will to take to increase it moving forward.

« Disruptor’s Need to Continue Innovating — or Be Disrupted »

Even the most innovative companies run the risk of being overtaken by new disruptive actors. The challenge: innovate over the long term! And since no company can master every new technology that comes out, organic growth, partnerships, and acquisitions are all essential strategic assets for staying ahead in the innovation race.

Personal development
« Everyone Secretly Hates Your ‘Friendly Reminder’ Email »
(Fast Company)

When a requested task or response is slow in coming, you likely are in the habit of sending a nice little “just-a-reminder” email, adopting a light and friendly tone with the intention of accelerating progress. Stop it now! In reality, this type of email undermines your credibility, damages your relationships with the receivers, and, at times, could even contribute to the very delays that you are trying to avoid!

« Petya Or NotPetya: Why The Latest Ransomware Is Deadlier Than WannaCry »

This month, the world learned that a number of institutions were the victims of a ransomware attack. This article provides a fairly broad picture of how these kinds of viruses work and the dangers that they pose. This event also provides good reason to revisit an article published by the Harvard Business Review in October 2016, which puts the big question very simply: «Is Your Company Ready for a Ransomware Attack?»

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