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Hold your ground!

Whether out of lassitude, fatigue, or just becoming resigned, are you sometimes tempted to let climate deniers say what they want without trying to counter their comments? Perhaps you think their arguments are so outrageous no-one could possibly believe them? On the contrary; don’t let them get away with it!

A movement overtly hostile to ESG policies is gaining ground in conservative states in the US. It acts by refusing to invest in companies that flag up their societal responsibility concerns for example, opting instead to invest in industries with fossil fuel connections.

Is this really a cause for alarm? At first glance, no, because the movement is marginal and its proposals are rarely taken up (only 7% of the time). Yet it manages to give the impression of being much more widespread and powerful than it actually is. This false impression helps get people thinking that maybe the movement has a point after all. That is why a survey showed people thought the percentage of support for climate mitigation policies was around 37-43%. The actual figure is 66-80%, almost double that!

This is why it is important to always put up a counter argument. Even if it seems futile to argue with those opposed to ESG policies, making your views known reduces the influence of what they are saying.

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How to confront the anti-ESG campaign

by Witold Henisz (Knowledge at Wharton, 30 August 2022).

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