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Action Tip

Evaluate the social impact of your innovations

Measuring the social performance of an innovation has become a growing preoccupation among the major early-adopters players in the social and solidarity economy. But while everyone agrees that understanding social performance is crucial, how to do so remains an open question…

Base on

Social Calling : Et si, comme eux, vous aviez un déclic pour agir ?
by Emilie Vidaud (Fayard, 2017). 

1/ Why should you measure… 

What is social impact? The ability to express the consequences of your innovations in words and numbers is important for several reasons. 

Reassure your investors: Concrete measures make for convincing arguments when in conversation with potential financers, be they beginners or veterans, about “impact investing”.  

Convince your stakeholders: It’s crucial to establish your legitimacy with external and internal stakeholders. Also, more indirectly, the size of your social impact influences how to consolidate the operational direction of your project.  

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