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Commitment and resilience in the Covid era

The ADP Research Institute surveyed 26,000 people in 25 countries to discover their level of commitment to work and their resilience. The two are actually correlated, even though they can exist independently. Unsurprisingly and in line with previous years, the levels are very low: only 14 percent of employees say they are fully committed and 15 percent feel very resilient.

Here are the most important and surprising findings from this study: 

  • Where confidence exists, commitment and resilience follow. 
  • The feeling of belonging to a team is also decisive. Both feeling supported by the team and making a contribution to it are important. 
  • Contrary to expectations, remote work promotes engagement when combined with one in-office day per week. Employees appreciate the flexibility of hybrid work. Stop blaming telecommuting! 
  • Resilience is harmed most by the unknown, more than by disruption. On the contrary, the latter seem to favor it. Provide as much clarity as possible to limit uncertainty. 
  • Some stereotypes are false: Generation Z is neither less engaged nor less resilient than others. Resilience is not determined by age but by the challenges you have faced. 
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The top 10 findings on resilience and engagement

by Marcus Buckingham (MIT Sloan Management Review, march 2021).

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