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Action Tip

7 ways to be a real pal

Diversity, it’s true, can be broken down into strategies and roadmaps… but it’s tried, tested and developed on a day-to-day basis via myriad human interactions. Each of us has a role to play in creating a genuinely inclusive environment and living up to the stated values. How?

  1. Curiosity: think about the biases and discrimination suffered by people who aren’t like you, and about the historical and social context that lie behind them.
  2. Introspection: pinpoint your own conscious and unconscious biases.
  3. Acknowledgement: have you ever been hamstrung by your age, name or the way you look? If not, you are privileged and should recognize the fact with a humble heart.
  4. Empathetic engagement: if you witness a prejudice-driven micro-aggression, ask the right questions in the right tone so you can bring out the implicit biases.
  5. Honest conversations: be open and don’t judge when listening to someone giving an account of discrimination.
  6. Vulnerable interactions: create a circle of trust where you can get to grips with your own biases.
  7. Courageous responsibilities: use your circle of influence to open up opportunities for colleagues who don’t have any.

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7 Ways to Practice Active Allyship

by Poornima Luthra, Harvard Business Review, November 8, 2022

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