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Five ways to work on your serenity 

The feeling of being grounded can be achieved through daily self-improvement based on three complementary and interdependent factors: your thoughts, your emotions, and your body. They may not all be easy to master.

Based on

L’Ancrage au service d’un Leadership qui donne du sens, humaniste et efficient
by Paule Boury-Giroud, Ariel Bamberger, Janik Blouin, Aurélie Gillon, Elizabeth Perrot, Kristin Sax-Jansen, and Laurence Turnbull (Corporate Coaching & Conseil, 2020). 

Being grounded is a state you must nurture over time, with discipline, vigilance, and regularity. It is your own – there is no magic formula. There are as many different ways of achieving it as there are people. 

1/ Know how to spot whether you are grounded (or not) 

To see whether you are grounded here and now:  

  • Scan your thoughts: 

Are your thoughts clear, do words come easily to you, do you have ideas, are you effective, open, and curious? Grounded! 

Do you tend to be judgmental, of yourself and others, do the same thoughts keep going around and around?  Not grounded. 

  • Check out your feelings and emotions: 

Are you joyful, satisfied, confident, enthusiastic? Grounded! 

Do you feel angry, irritated, bewildered, worried, fearful? Not grounded. 

  • Watch for bodily signals: 

Is your breathing calm, are your features relaxed, do your legs bear you easily? Grounded! 

Is your stomach in knots, your neck stiff, your shoulders hunched, your back aching? Not grounded. 

  • Think back on a situation in which you felt grounded and compare what you felt then with what you’re feeling now. 
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