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After our observatory has identified and reviewed the latest trends and innovations, we create a wide selection of content to provide you with daily inspiration. In print or online, you can access to our overviews of major books and articles, our fact sheets, our finds, interviews with business leaders, reading lists, infographics, videos, quizzes, and surveys, as well as our digital journeys, conferences, and webinars.

Book overviews

We cover the business world’s top books, true sources of inspiration
Maximum read time: 10 minutes

Fact sheet

How to take action on an issue in 3 or 4 key points
Maximum read time: 5 minutes

Our finds

News shorts, covering the best ideas selected by our observatory
Maximum read time: 1 minute


Leaders and managers from around the world tell you how they tackle specific issues
Maximum read time: 7 minutes

Reading list

Lists of 10 must-reads on topical issues
Maximum read time: 3 minutes


Short sequences of around 2 minutes to bring you up to date on key innovations
Maximum time: 2 to 3 minutes


Ideas or cheat sheets in visual forms designed to help you grasp concepts in a flash
Maximum read time: 1 to 3 minutes


Original, educational, and appealing, these 1-to-8-question quizzes are great fun and an active way to find out more about a topic.
Reading time: 1-10 minutes.


A quick walk-through of a specific issue, based on the power of narrative to get a group involved in a topic or start them on an adventure.
Maximum time: 30 minutes

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