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You reap what you sow

Why are your teams not more engaged? Why don’t they hesitate to go elsewhere as soon as the opportunity presents itself? You don’t have to look too far for the guilty culprit: you’re the prime suspect.

Everyone wants to love their job – including you! – so what’s stopping the dream from becoming reality?

Your team members need better reason to work for you than just a salary. If you want engaged teams who will stay with you for as long as possible, start by creating human connections with them and ensuring a rewarding organization of their work. WIN THEIR LOYALTY! Because your team members are also your customers.

According to Marylène-Delbourg-Delphis, author of Tout le monde veut aimer son travail, people are the heart of management; and yet, many managers struggle to recognize that their methods do not reflect this. Don’t worry: you too have the right to make mistakes – no really!
In her book, the author breaks down all the factors that lead to disengagement to pave the way for reparative measures. According to her, you have the culture you deserve, built by the employees that you deserve. I agree with her: no one can thrive in an environment where they are treated like a pawn, with little-to-no regard for their feelings. If we reap the employees that we sow, than what do you gather from your crop?

To learn more, read : Tout le monde veut aimer son Travail : Vers une culture d’entreprise partagée by Marylène-Delbourg-Delphis (Diateino, September 2018).

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Marie-France Grand-Clément
Published by Marie-France Grand-Clément
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