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Why you shouldn’t look up to the “sleepless elite”

Is sleep for “losers”? On the contrary, mounting evidence reveals that adequate sleep – which, notably, can involve napping in the workplace – is linked to higher productivity, creativity, and sounder decision-making.


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Why you shouldn’t look up to the “sleepless elite”

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Based on “Late sleepers are tired of being discriminated against. And science has their back” by Brian Resnick (Vox, 1 June 2016); “Devriez-vous vous lever (beaucoup) plus tôt le matin ?” by Mehdi Ramdani (LinkedIn, 15 February 2016) ; “The average worker loses 11 days of productivity each year due to insomnia, and companies are taking notice” by Jena McGregor (The Washington Post, 30 July 2015) ; “The secret of success: Needing less sleep?” by Laura Vanderkam (Fortune Magazine, 20 March 2012).

Caroline Schuurman
Published by Caroline Schuurman