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Who is Hervé Borensztejn, one of the longest-serving members of our advisory committee!

Hervé is now Managing Partner Europe, Middle East & Africa at Heidrick & Struggles. We met Hervé when he was in charge of the Vivendi Management Institute, back in 1999, and we have not let go of him since!

Hervé has held positions as Director of the Development of Human Resources and as HR Director of major groups such as Vivendi, LVMH, EADS, Converteam. At the latter,he played a part during the MBO and merger with General Electric in 2014.
Today, Hervé directs the EMEA department of ​​Heidrick & Struggles’ Leadership and is Associate Professor at the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas. His passion: working with teams and organizations to bring out the best in them and enable them to contribute more to increase their performance in the service of human projects.
He fills 4 different roles: consultant (to facilitate collaboration within collectives ); professor (to transmit knowledge); coach (to help people or teams to know each other better), and gardener (because for him, working on your metaphorical garden is good, but cultivating a real garden is not that  bad either).
Hervé has written and edited several books, including Marshall Cavendish’s famous Growing Talent – a Corporate Duty(2010), and Driving Change with the ACE Method: Assimilate, Create, Engage, which he co-authored (Eyrolles, 2016).
He is also editorialist for Forbes Magazine and contributes to other publications including Harvard Business Review.
His contributions on subjects such as the leadership and organizations of tomorrow are very valuable to us, which is why we have held onto him for almost two decades!

What is on Hervé’s desk?

4 books

• I move, the CEO’s Playbook for capturing value by Sandy Ogg (ebook 2015)
• L’oeuvre au noir by M Yourcenar
• Engaging Leadership – Three Agendas for Sustaining Achievement by Didier Marlier and Chris Parker (Palgrave 2009)
• Accelerating Performance: How Can Organizations Mobilize, Execute, and Transform With Agility, by Colin Price and Sharon Toye (Wiley 2016)

4 thinkers

• Spinoza
• Socrates (hard not to love Socrates when you’re a coach)
• Michel Crozier
• Edgar Schein

3 topics

• Creating value with Values;
• The effectiveness of management teams
• What leadership should we adopt in the world of tomorrow?

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