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Little Find

When it comes to predictive analysis of informal networks, anything is possible !

If you look up ONA on the Internet, you’ll likely stumble upon the eponymous Moroccan group, however the ONA we are talking about here is actually organizational network analysis.

This statistical method, based on advanced mathematical theories, makes it possible to represent and even visualize the ways that employees and groups of employees interact informally, outside of existing organizational charts. Who are they asking for help? With whom are they discussing new ideas? Who are they looking to for support in decision-making? Who do they meet with just for fun?

ONA is an emerging and rapidly developing discipline of “people analytics”. It can provide understanding of why innovations work more or less well, follow the integration progress of systems following a merger, and visualize the reality of Diversity & Inclusion policies. Management can identify the groups of employees that are most motivated and engaged, or conversely, the employees that present the highest risk of quitting. Employees who have the most influence are clearly apparent, as are those who act as hinges between teams. Here, at last, is a way to identify the true change agents on a team. With limited effort, organizations can visualize how their internal networks really work.

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