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What you need to know about 4 sectors of exponential growth

All technologies are not equal: Some are more useful than others, capitalizing on well-established digital infrastructures to develop exponentially. The following four sectors will enjoy a boom in the years to come.

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Les technologies ne sont pas égales : certaines ont une plus grande utilité que d’autres et profitent d’infrastructures numériques bien établies pour connaître un développement exponentiel, soit plus de 10% de croissance par an pendant au moins 10 ans. Ces 4 secteurs seront à coup sûr des secteurs d’abondance dans les années à venir.

Azeem Azhar (Random House Business, 2021).

1. New technology: Take a quantum leap

Forget about Moore’s Law. Computing power, which no longer depends on miniaturizing transistors, is growing exponentially. It’s Ray Kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns that now rules. Here are two illustrations of the law: 

  • The quantum leap in computing power: A conventional computer takes thousands of steps to solve a problem. Deep Blue, for example, defeated Garry Kasparov in a game of chess by calculating 200 million moves a second. But quantum computers are capable of calculating at least 1,000 billion! This type of power means that quantum computers could take on experiments aimed at improving health treatments, replacing some experiments in laboratories, where the resources are limited. 
  • AI that really is intelligent: Fueled by big data, an AI program now has the ability to design another AI that outstrips machines designed by humans. For the moment, these focus on well-defined tasks of recognizing images in real time. 
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