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What becoming “data-driven” really means

What does being data-driven really mean in practice? “Let us start with what a data-driven culture is not,” say researchers at the Economist Intelligence Unit, who in 2013 surveyed 530 senior executives about the use of data within their companies. “It is not a belief that data are an issue for someone else in the company, a job for a data specialist, or perhaps the IT department.” Rather, within a data-driven culture, a high value is placed on data collection and sharing across departments, with as many employees as possible integrating data into their techniques and practices to make more evidence-based decisions. For this to happen, however, there has to be buy-in at the top as well as greater resources and support around the development of the kind of scientific thinking that is needed to work with data.

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What becoming “data-driven”really means


Based on “Science Isn’t Broken,” by Christie ASCHWANDEN (Fivethirtyeight, August 2015) and “Fostering a data-driven culture: A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit” (The Economist, February 2013).

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