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WFH: love it or hate it

The boundary between our professional and private lives – which was already fading before the health crisis – disappeared during lockdown. As teleworking becomes increasingly common, some people love working from home and others not so much. Here’s advice for both camps.

Some people adapted very well, while others suffered. When it comes to working from home, people fall into one of two camps.  Which are you in?  

  • You like the lack of boundaries and the flexibility you gain in managing your time. You can decide to schedule personal appointments during the day and devote your evenings to work. You find it easy to slip between the two worlds, and you’re able to work in the living room with family life going on around you. Make sure, though, that you set aside time for thinking and serious work. 
  • You prefer keeping the two worlds separate and are careful not to let one encroach on the other. You concentrate better in a space that is completely dedicated to work. To address your need for structure, use your agenda to set aside specific periods just for work and others just for your personal life. Dress for the office while at home – you’ll find it easier to get yourself in the right frame of mind.  

In order for you and your employees to be most efficient, identify your preferences, and those of your colleagues. 


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Building Work-Life Boundaries in the WFH Era

by Nancy P. Rothbar (Harvard Business Review, 15 July 2020). 

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