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Watch out for bore-outs!

Does the huge number of people quitting their jobs in the US strike fear in your heart? What should you do? Raise salaries or offer more flexible hours? These may be first steps, but are not enough. The attention you pay your staff, however, will play a decisive role.

You can prevent your employees from resigning if you follow these five recommendations: 

  • Invest in training, even if it isn’t one of your priorities for 2022. Your employees will be more willing to stay with a company that cares about developing their skills. 
  • Show your employees that they matter to you. And a bonus isn’t enough! Show genuine concern for their well-being in these troubled times. 
  • Give them independence. Remote work has at times led to tighter supervision. Instead, you should offer your colleagues flexibility, both in terms of the content of their work and the methods. 
  • Communicate transparently. Do you know what your employees really expect from their work? Ask them! Do they know what you think about their performance? Tell them in a positive way. This will remove many unspoken issues and misunderstandings.  
  • Do they want to leave the company? Carry out an exit interview without trying to hold them back. 

Unsurprisingly, the more you care about your troops, the less likely they will be to quit.  

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“Don’t fear the great resignation”

de Ricky Wilcocks (RedlineGroup, 27 octobre 2021). 

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