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Vivatech 2018 – Being human is the latest trend

On May 24, we attended the High Mass of innovation. News, major trends, reflections and 1 motto: “human” above all !

Arriving at Viva Technology we were greeted by a small army of robots composed of R2D2 type droids (really cute) and Robocop-like humanoids (which were downright scary) as well as drones. But this year at Vivatech one thing was clear: robots will not replace us. Contrary to the current wave of preconceived ideas and terror of the collective unconscious, robots will be complementary to us and, most importantly, push us to rethink what is ‘human’ as we know it.

Patrice Caine, CEO of Thales evokes the idea of Augmented Intelligence rather than Artificial Intelligence. Most of the leading innovators present share the same mission: create technologies that improve human life. Whether it is the mantra of Thales’ CEO: “Better life, healthier people,” or that of Orange’s Innovation, Marketing & Technologies Executive VP, Mari-Noelle Jégo-Lavaissière: “a human innovation inside, by people, for people “.

This desire to put people and their environments at the heart of innovation has comforted me; be it through my encounter with an air purifier robot, the presentation of various ‘clean’ cars ready to be driven on road, air, or water, or the discovery of multiple collaborative tools that will bring individuals closer together. The concern to make life better is also reflected in Vivatech’s digital art, through which many artists questioned the human, its body, its essence, and its place in nature. Last essential point, during these 3 days 50% of VivaTech’s speakers were women: #FaithInHumanity!

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Emmanuelle Meylan
Published by Emmanuelle Meylan