Chris Fussell on allied organizations

In this video, Chris Fussell, Managing Partner at the McChrystal Group and author of One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams, presents a new leadership model. Inspired by his time in the American navy, the model is based on the creation of a network of teams who, despite being highly dispersed, can help one another and evolve in tandem, thanks in particular to well-defined common objectives and constant strategic (re)alignment. This leadership model is directly inspired by Fussell’s experiences in the navy. Faced with agile terrorist networks, he and his fellow officers had no choice but to abandon the hierarchical pyramid that had historically structured their organization and adapt a new networked organizational model more similar to the Al-Qaeda’s. Their imperative was to become an agile “team of teams” that is reactive and capable of adapting to any unforeseen situation.

Why we selected this video

After his previous bestseller, Team of Teams, co-authored with retired United States Army general Stanley McChrystal, Chris Fusell focused on the leadership principles that enable a networked team to function. The new work perfectly complements the previous one, by responding to a major question that was left hanging after the first book: “Team of teams, great, okay! But how do I manage one concretely?”


Chris Fussell on creating allied organizations

The RSA (December 2013)

Caroline Schuurman
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