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Unplugging around the world

Gil Gordon notes that attitudes towards vacations differ across countries, an observation that is backed up by a 28-country annual survey that Expedia conducts on vacation deprivation. The most recent survey, conducted in November 2016, found that paid vacations are considered a right in Europe, while in Asia and North America, they are seen as more of a luxury. Spanish, Finnish, and French workers, for example, are given 30 days off and take all 30. North Americans are granted about half the amount of vacation days, and leave between one and three vacation days unused. In the most extreme case, South Koreans are given 15 days and take only eight. These attitudes are sometimes backed by regulations. In France, a law went into effect January 1 that requires companies with more than 50 employees to negotiate to define the rights of employees to unplug from their devices, with the express intent of addressing the de facto unpaid overtime employees work in today’s always-connected work cultures.

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Based on an interview with Gil Gordon, author of Turn It Off : How to Unplug From the Anytime-Anywhere Office Without Disconnecting Your Career (June 2017), « The Professional’s Guide to a Stress-Free Vacation » de Carolyn O’Hara (Harvard Business Review, 14 août 2014), « 3 Negative Messages You Send Your Boss When You Don’t Disconnect While on Vacation » de Michel Theriault (Forbes, 4 mai 2017) and « The Right Way to Unplug When You’re on Vacation » signé Alexandra Samuel (Harvard Business Review, 15 juillet 2014).


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