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[Editorial] Trends 2018

Business Digest N°282 (December-January 2018)

Voice assistants, machine learning, chatbots, blockchain, cobots. Do you find yourself lost in the onslaught of new tech terminology? Don’t panic! In this issue, we provide you with an overview of the major technological trends that you are sure to hear more about in the coming months. Our objective is not to describe ins-and-outs of each new technology in exhaustive detail but rather to help you understand how they could potentially impact your business. Concrete examples (from Twitter, Walmart, Danone, Boeing, Starbucks) reveal that even the most disruptive new technologies should be viewed as an opportunity to create value rather than as a threat.

Amidst this deluge of technological advancement, what will the role of humans become? Experts are reassuring that robots are still far from being able to replace people. Machines cannot yet compete with humans when it comes to the capacity for abstract thought, combining ideas, experimentation and failure, and emotional intelligence. The good news is that many dull, time-consuming tasks can be delegated to machines, giving you the freedom to focus on your more strategic projects. And with that, Business Digest would like to end the year with a decidedly optimistic issue!

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Caroline Schuurman
Published by Caroline Schuurman