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Think better, work less

Pressure in the workplace is on the rise, resulting in reduced performance, anxiety and, in the worst cases, burnout. Knowing how to optimize performance (your own and your team’s) while avoiding psychological exhaustion is becoming a valuable asset. It is also a skill that can be acquired, explains Gaël Allain, a cognitive psychologist.

Is greater efficiency with less effort nothing more than a pipe dream? Far from it! You must make sparing use of your mental strength so you can reach and sustain an optimal level of professional excellence over time without becoming exhausted. GaëlAllain suggests building an entire mental ecosystem of intellectual resources by applying a method of intellectual resource management to individuals and organizations to achieve more sustainable personal and collective performance.

Based on

Penser mieux travailler moins by Gaël ALLAIN (Eyrolles, january 2013)

Do you know your limits?

It seems paradoxical that, to maximize the potential of the human brain, you first have to be aware of its limitations. Since cognitive capacities are easily exhausted, you need to allocate them wisely. For example, you can’t perform several different activities simultaneously without decreasing the speed and quality of execution.

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