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The viral impact of human moments at ManpowerGroup

Thinking in terms of moments is having significant impact on employee experience at ManpowerGroup. The first program based on this mindset went viral in 2016, both inside and outside the company. As a result, the workforce giant is continuing to invest more in the moments that matter to employees.

At the American multinational workforce solutions organization, ManpowerGroup, they are early adopters of the Power of Moments framework. Director of Brand Loyalty Nicholas Stroud reports a “huge impact” from the framework on employee experience, which is a top business priority for their group. “Our business is focused on recognizing human potential and ambition, and connecting it to meaningful work,” Stroud explains. “We place individuals in a range of companies and roles, from factory floors to administrative roles to call centers and various levels of leadership, so employee experience is incredibly important to us. The value of the experiences that we deliver for our employees translates directly into the value of the experiences that we deliver to our clients.”

Employee experience: a new model for work-employment

Stroud elaborates on why, at ManpowerGroup, they see employee experience as equaling customer experience: “We view the model for work-employment as having been changed by growing insight into the correlation between employee engagement and business performance. If we don’t provide great employee experiences, we can’t recruit and retain good talent over the long term, and then we won’t be able to deliver the most value to our clients. It’s a tight circle. We use the Net Promoter System to measure the satisfaction scores of our employees and clients worldwide, and we see in these scores how the former determines the latter. It’s just one of the proof points that make it clear to us that the way to deliver excellence to our clients is by building loyalty in our temporary employees through trust and great experiences. And it’s why one of the most pressing questions for us today is how we can improve employee experience.”

Breaking employee experience down to a human level

“Before discovering the concept of moments, we tended to view employee experience holistically,” Stroud says. “We always knew on some level that certain elements of employee experience are more important than others, but it wasn’t explicitly part of our culture before. Now, thanks to the “Moments” framework, we grasp the power of breaking it down to a more individual, human level.” Stroud says the approach is coherent with ManpowerGroup’s core values: “We are a mission-driven organization globally. We believe that meaningful employment can change the world. And this framework enables us to make the leap and think in terms of moments in a way that transcend us and really goes into the lives of our employees in more meaningful, memorable ways. We’re learning to seek out and celebrate such moments, and the better we do it, the greater our impact.”

Celebrating the first day on the job goes viral

Excerpt from Business Digest N°280, October 2017

Based on an interview with Nicholas Stroud, Brand Loyalty Director, ManpowerGroup, September 2017.

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