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The urgent change you’ve forgotten all about

Because of the Covid crisis, you’ve been forced to carry out three urgent transformations: introducing remote work, strengthening your digital capabilities and adjusting your business model. That’s more than enough to keep you busy – at the risk of eclipsing another necessary change: adapting your culture.

Adapting your organization’s culture to all the hits it’s suffered since 2020 should be a priority project. If this is something you’re only just discovering, put it at the top of your list of priorities so you can implement the three other major changes that have become essential since the start of the pandemic. 

Be sure to: 

  • Regain control of your organization’s culture, values and expected behaviors – otherwise they will move forward without you. Base your approach on an audit of the current culture. 
  • Start from the client’s point of view so you can pinpoint the cultural changes that need to be made and give them a purpose. 
  • Describe expected behaviors clearly and concretely. Incorporate them into recruitment and performance appraisal. 
  • Find the right incentives and recognition measures. 
  • Mobilize everyone – of course – but with a particular focus on first-level managers and their teams. 
  • Think of it as a long-term process, i.e., at least two to three years. 

And what’s your role in all this? You need to get the ball rolling by embodying this change yourself. 

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Rose Hollister, Kathryn Tecosky, Michael Watkins and Cindy Wolpert, (MIT Sloan Management Review, 10 august 2021). 

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