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The ultimate leadership test

The Covid crisis is forcing us to manage completely new situations. Management guides are no longer of any use; it’s leadership that matters. But what kind of leadership?

To cope with these new and complex problems, look for inspiration among the heads of state who have best handled the pandemic. What they have in common is they all adopted a collaborative and proactive leadership stance that is played out in 5 stages: 

  1. Framing the real problem to be managed by having the humility to ask as many questions as you need. Yes, we can still sometimes get the problem wrong, not just the answer! 
  2. Working together both with experts and those on the front line, showing creativity and trying to generate as many options as possible and explore them as a group.
  3. After discussion and debate, choosing one option and then communicating it, explaining the reasons for your choice.
  4. Executing your plan. Once you have made your decision the time for discussion is over – everyone now needs to commit to the plan of action.
  5. Evaluating intermediary results and comparing them to expectations, making the necessary adjustments, and starting over!  

By following this 5-stage plan, you will not only increase your chances of finding the best solutions, you will also maintain a climate of trust and commitment. 

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“ Leadership in Wicked Times 

by Natalia Karelaia and Ludo Van der Heyden (Knowledge INSEAD, 13 October 2020).

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