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The moment when everything should be turned on its head

The pandemic has forced a sharp breach with the past; including in how leadership is exercised. McKinsey has observed four major shifts that are expected to have an impact on the leadership of tomorrow.

The pandemic has prompted numerous changes and adjustments that have sometimes been swift and often ingenious. It has also shown us new ways of exercising a different, more grounded, style of leadership. What will remain of this once the world goes back to “normal” – whatever the new normal will be? 

  • Unlock aspirations that are 10 times bolder: think bigger and faster innovation as well as reorganizing your time and work (and we’ve telecommuting to thank for this greater awareness).  
  • Elevate “to be” to the same level as “to do”: redefine what the word “responsible” means for you and your teams so you can support them in their disoriented state. 
  • Adopt an approach that is genuinely geared towards all stakeholders by re-calibrating your expectations, and deciding what you believe in for the majority – and executing it.  
  • Harness all the power of your peer networks (something that doesn’t always come naturally). This is useful not just for responding to the current pandemic, but also for solving the problems of tomorrow and guaranteeing performance, innovation, and impact for all stakeholders in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. 

If these changes become permanent, they promise to make us radically rethink the way we look at organizations: the way they function, their performance potential, and their relationships with stakeholders. It’s an article that takes time to read because it’s so inspiring! 

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“The CEO moment: Leadership for a new era”

by Carolyn Dewar, Scott Keller, Kevin Sneader and Kurt STrovink, (McKinsey Quarterly, December 2020) 

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