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Combining AI and human ingenuity for massive value creation

Our ability to process, structure and make sense of vast amounts of data is opening up an infinite number of possibilities in every sector, including marketing, logistics, finance and human resources. But we need a new division of human-machine labor to make the most of the analytical revolution.
How can we combine the computing power of machines with
the best of human intelligence?

Josh Sullivan and Angela Zutavern, vice-presidents at Booz Allen Hamilton, claim that advances in technology mean we can now understand any problem no matter how complex it is. Whereas in the past you only had a fragmentary and very imprecise view of your company’s bottom line, nowadays we have access to a broad array of data and tools that can provide a global, detailed vision. This, in short, is the difference between yesterday’s world – when you were satisfied with self-reporting surveys from samples of representative customers – and today’s, where you can track the real behavior of every one of your customers to draw up a marketing or R&D initiative. But is implementing new tools actually enough? The authors of The Mathematical Corporation argue that making the most of these opportunities is based largely on cultivating new skills and a new style of management.

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Caroline Schuurman
Published by Caroline Schuurman