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The hidden cost of resilience

The Covid crisis has put your resilience to the test. Fortunately, fueled by the strength your life experiences have given you, you coped with the ordeal. Going forward, your resilience will continue to be key in your activities, yet it has limits you may not be aware of.

Resilience helps you overcome difficult situations, but it becomes an obstacle when it prevents you from delegating, requesting help, or letting go.

You’re self-sufficient, confident in your ability to overcome crises, and you’re sometimes tempted to act alone for what you think are good reasons: you’re afraid of asking too much of your employees during difficult times; you’ve been told to never to give up; there’s a moral imperative to always get by on your own; or you may doubt the resilience of your employees.

Yet, as you know, your strengths sometimes become your biggest weaknesses. In this unprecedented period of crisis, you’re tempted to give free rein to the superhero in you. But don’t rely on your resilience alone: you should also turn to trusted peers to help you out.

To go further: “The Downside of Resilient Leadership” by Adam Bryant (Strategy+Business, May 2020)

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Françoise Tollet
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