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Book synthesis

Experience: the new heart of value creation

Value creation is no longer about having a technological advantage or how much you spend on marketing. It’s about the quality of the experiences that a company gives its customers, employees and all its stakeholders. From Airbnb to PSA to P&G, many leaders are transforming the way they design their offers and manage their teams.



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Experience: the new heart of value creation

Based on L’expérience : le nouveau moteur de l’entreprise, by Christophe Rebours and Inès Pauly (Diateino, October 2016); “Why the Millions We Spend on Employee Engagement Buy Us So Little” by Jacob Morgan (Harvard Business Review, March 2017); “How Satya Nadella is making Microsoft cool again, and taking on Apple and Amazon” by Paul Smith (Financial Review, November 2016).


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