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Online animation : Sanofi’s Top exec community

In 2013, Sanofi opened a digital community for its top 300 leaders, with the help of Business Digest to design and set up the strategy of the animation of its editorial content. This system is one of the three pillars of the solution brought forth by the HR to answer the will for cohesion and for a change in leadership posture voiced by the ComEx. This digital community is now thriving and is well on its way to complete far more ambitious goals, with participation rates constantly getting higher.

The ideas that backed this community in 2013 are still alive today. Initially, it was revolutionary, as it was the first digital initiative meant to gather senior leaders around collective challenges.
What does Business Digest bring into this system?
• Energy: an intensive editorial animation based on a central theme with consecutive episodes, like a TV series
• Alignment: an editorial line very close to business issues, a key success factor since the launching of the community
• Quickness: short content (less than 3-minute videos and less than 10-min- readings) with strong added value
• Simplicity: a simple, beautiful and smooth digital experience offered by Crossknowledge, Business Digest’s partner since 2000
• Advertising: a genuine communication plan set up to send off and animate the community around collective issues
• Closeness: it is an asset to know this population, its concerns, its interests and the challenges that gather it efficiently into a non-spontaneous community!

Other challenges were addressed with the growing maturity of the community:
• Obvious link with real life in terms of development: online presentation of all the elements to inform and prepare for in-person learning
• Commitment: « champions » who facilitate the community have been implicated in the animation
• Technology: the techno base has been reworked to include a more collective digital system
• Agility: the editorial line has been deliberately adapted to the arrival of a new CEO in 2015

The Executive Development Community today gathers its members around issues linked to agility, collaboration and innovation, in a company aiming for 2-digit growth. One of the key success factors are steady interventions, in the form of interviews, by members of the ComEx and the community.

The results of season 2 are enlightening: 80% more connections, an appreciated digital system, an animation that was recognized as aligned with both the collective issues and the development challenges offered to members. We can certainly tackle season 3 serenely.


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Françoise Tollet
Published by Françoise Tollet
She spent 12 years in industry, working for Bolloré Technologies, among others. She co-founded Business Digest in 1992 and has been running the company since 1998. And she took the Internet plunge in 1996, even before coming on board as part of the BD team.