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The blockchain toolkit

The World Economic Forum is convinced that blockchain is one of the tools that will facilitate the management of the current period – a time that lies between “the new normal” and “the next normal” – particularly by helping to restore the trust in organizations that has been undermined over the past months.

The WEF, backed by Deloitte, is making a comprehensive 14-module toolkit available to help you design and deploy blockchain. The authors of the toolkit demystify blockchain: its a technology and nothing more. Yet it has the capacity to solve recurring problems that would otherwise hamper crisis recovery: a lack of transparency, too many platforms and intermediaries, data incompatibility between different actors, high operational costs, and so forth.  


But is blockchain relevant to your business? A series of 11 questions help you identify whether blockchain is the best answer for you. If you need secure, highspeed transactions, blockchain performance will not meet your expectations. On the other hand, if you need to make data public and guarantee its authenticity, if you manage contracts, or if you are looking to limit the number of intermediaries, youre in the target group. 


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Redesigning Trust: Blockchain Deployment Toolkit

(World Economic Forum, April 2020). 

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