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Little Find

Test yourself!

What is Ray Dalio’s flagship idea? The better you know yourself, the better you interact with others. Taking things a stage further than in his book Principles for Success, Dalio has designed a test to help you spot the main archetypes you use when interacting with others.

The test was inspired in part by the Big Five test, or the five dimensions of the personality, and has been supplemented by Dalio’s observations and research carried out by Adam Grant. It also boasts the advantage of combining personality traits and archetypes: 

  • When it comes to personality, for instance, you will find out what kind of extrovert you are: the more gregarious type, who enjoys finding a sense of belonging in a group, or an adventurous extrovert who likes to meet up with as many people as possible. 
  • As regards archetypes, Dalio has identified 28! You will spot your top three, such as the planner, adventurer, and strategist. 

The test also identifies your style of interaction, together with its advantages and limitations. The wealth and variety of the categories shed a fresh, complementary light on the most famous personality tests. 

The test itself is quite long (it takes about 20 minutes), but you can get a good idea of your main archetypes after a handful of questions. And your curiosity will help you go all the way! 

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« Principles You »

co-created by Ray Dalio, Adam Grant, Brian Little, and John Golden (PrinciplesYou, 2021). 

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