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Talk the TedTalk talk

We can all think of a particular TedTalk speaker whom we admire for what they say and how they say it. But how do they manage to come across as so enthusiastic and grab the attention of their audience so effectively?

In reality, there is a “TedTalker” in every one of us, and all you need to do is follow certain rules to unleash him or her. TedTalk conferences are so captivating mainly because of the quality of the content. Speakers are chosen on the basis of their work, and are then coached so they can pass on their expertise by captivating people in the room, as well as Internet users facing their screens. There really is a checklist to be ticked off to become as interesting and brilliant as a TedTalk speaker.

The key lesson is to keep to a definite time limit (under 20 minutes), to avoid anything too fancy, not to lose your audience, and, above all, to go straight to the point and focus on conveying a single idea. The phrase you use to end your lecture is also very important since it leaves the biggest impression. It’s the message that will sum up your thinking, and you’re going to base your entire talk around it.

Next, find an original opening or an introduction with a high emotional impact to win over your audience from the get-go. Continue with a simple, clear plan, avoiding any attempts at improvisation —and do it all by conveying a feeling of intimacy, with examples drawn from your own experience. If, after all that, your audience falls asleep, the only thing to do is change topics.


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Valentino Di Nardo
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