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Little Find

Sweet dreams!

A (perfectly serious) study carried out by the University of North Carolina showed that dreams (the nighttime kind) help gain perspective on our daily lives, and may thus strengthen our resilience. A first step if you want to make your team bulletproof!

Sleep well and remember your dreams! Stressful tasks at work will appear more manageable.

It may sound strange, but when our dreams fill us with awe, somehow spillover in a positive way on our waking hours. According to the researchers, the meaning you attribute to your dreams helps build bridges between your conscious and unconscious minds. As a result, we feel connected, and annoyances become smaller in the greater scheme of things…hence less stress at work and better resilience!

What matters most, according to the study, is the awe the dreams inspire in us, because this feeling is a powerful driver of change and personal development. Does it feel hokey? Or unlikely? Perhaps, but it doesn’t cost anything to try. The authors recommend keeping a journal of dreams, in order to be able to ascribe meaning to them, even if only with hindsight.

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Our Dreams Can Help Us Build Resilience At Work

By Pavel Krapivin, Forbes, February 2023

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